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Starter Website Package

£999.00 £799.00

Deploy web design with content and logo creation. Includes five pages of 250 word business content, logo design and web design all in two weeks. Price stated is for complete package as detailed below.


Product Description

Starter Website Package

Our Starter Website Package combines five 250-word pages of article creation, logo design, and web design in one bundle. This allows your business to launch a website with all the content and development coming directly from Leading SEO Shop .

Key Features

  • Two week turn around time from intake to final release. Initial QA after the first week and then final QA during the second week.
  • One month FREE maintenance included after the initial two week development for support, minor updates, and additional content upload.
  • Up to 30 pages of content integration (migration of content).
  • Up to five 350  word pages included for main page, about us and contact us.
  • Multiple design studies for the logo, created in multiple formats, designed specifically for the client according to their specification.
  • All original content, logos, and graphics created specifically for the new website.
  • Fast, elegant web design based on WordPress.
  • SEO ready content and development.

Starter Website Package FAQ

1. How long does it take to create a website?

  • Our website development service level completes within 2 weeks for the Local Web Design Package, 3-4 weeks for the Web Design Starter Package, and 4 weeks for the Advanced Web Design Package. This period is extended for every added feature requested.
2. What is the average cost for a website?
  • There are many factors that influence the cost of any given website. Our packaged solutions range from £999 – £2999. In any event that your project requires more than what our custom solutions offer, we would be happy to talk to you and provide you with a free assessment.
3. Does this include hosting?
  • Free forever website hosting is provided on all our websites.
4. What technologies do you use to build your websites?
  • We use WordPress along with premium WordPress themes. Our themes are built with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP. All our themes also use Page Builders which allow our clients to easily build pages, with unlimited layouts, through a drag and drop user interface, without the need for coding knowledge.
5. Where will you build my website?
  • We create a hosting environment for website. The URL will be provided to you once we run the site through our initial QA.
6. How many changes can I make to my site without additional cost?
  • We value our client’s insights and input. Our clients will be provided 3 rounds of revision at no charge. Please note that design revisions can no longer be made once the development has passed the design milestone and the final design is approved.
7. When is payment required for your web development services?
  • We require 50% of the estimated fee to be provided prior to the launch of the project, with the remaining payment due upon completion of the project.
8. Can I get access to my site while the site is being built?
  • We strongly discourage providing access to the site during the development phase. The credentials to the site are turned over once they are hosted in the client server, after the final walkthrough and approval.

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