Top Tools Every Remote Worker Needs

Top Tools Every Remote Worker Needs
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Top Tools Every Remote Worker Needs

What are the top tools every remote worker needs? Why do they need them and why are they so important? Well marketing has the potential to be a completely online profession in the future. The idea of a remote workplace is now embedded in our work culture, and many people are seizing the day to take a trip around the world or look after their families in the home while still working hard each week.

There are unique challenges that appear for remote workers. While none are overwhelming, you have to think about the top tools every remote worker needs. The right tools and practices for you to work your finest and take your marketing techniques to the the top are important. If you’re currently working away from a workplace, consider using these five top tools every remote worker needs (if you aren’t currently) to make your day so much easier.

Email Tracking Software

The support of online marketing is email, and we do not anticipate that to alter anytime soon. That being stated, lots of emails are wasted and email methods can constantly be improved. Exactly what makes one project better than another? For how long after you send an email does it get read – if at all? These are concerns that, if you had the answers, would take your remote work to a totally different level.

Leading SEO Shop provide an excellent choice for email marketing and it’s free! It’s actually done very well for many online businesses and has all of the tracking facilities you require. It’s also easy to use and almost seems created with a remote worker in mind. It provides easy to setup templates so you can create professional emails in minutes.

Virtual Private Network

Marketers deal with a lot of important data, and the client-marketer relationship is one that requires trust above all else. You’re delegated with strategies that, if leaked, could set a business back by months or even years. While you probably already have security software through a security suite, you might not have a correct defence against hackers on vulnerable networks using sniffer programs to siphon off the info you send online. Your marketing information and e-mails aren’t safe from these threats.

The very best option to this is to obtain a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for yourself and use it whenever you’re working outside of your secure house or remote workplace. No one worldwide needs to know where you are, and you can use that to your benefit when talking to prospective customers or clients. We highly recommend GoDaddy for a quality VPN service.

Suitable Team Communication Software Application

You certainly know this by now, however just because you’re not presently in an office does not imply that you don’t need to communicate with people on a daily basis. To do that, you have to have an appropriate communication system in place, so you do not invest hours every day checking numerous email accounts and missing out on calls you didn’t understand were coming. While this is hardly ever the case nowadays, remote employees can get lost in the shuffle if they remain in the minority. In some cases as an online marketer you’ll need to be proactive about interaction.

If you need to make online calls or carry out conferences, there’s still a reason Skype, while free, is the top of the marketplace. It’s still tough to discover a more versatile and dependable service, even with its occasional missteps.

Time Tracking Software to Keep an Eye on Your Hours

Online marketers will regularly exhaust themselves and not even recognise it. In fact, a Gallup poll suggests that remote employees frequently log more hours than their in-hours counterparts. This could effectively be caused by the absence of commute or increased worker complete satisfaction, but nevertheless, it is something that you as a remote marketing professional need to be aware of to manage yourself better.

For this reason, you need to likely buy (or persuade your employer to invest in) some time-tracking software to not just track the precise hours you work however identify exactly what tasks you are spending your time on. Are you losing time with needless tasks? Are you investing more time in conferences than you need to? Once you reorganise your schedule based on the details you gather over a couple of weeks, you’ll feel more concentrated than ever.

Software Application to Provide Yourself a Break

Many people focus on work, but frequently when we’re constantly on the move (whether for work or play) we forget to take a while for ourselves. Whether we require a weekend to ourselves every once in a while, or a break every number of hours, too much stress will just injure our productivity and yield us absolutely nothing for our time, as shown by numerous research studies.

Whether you like to see soap operas or read philosophy, ensure you have something with you that can take your mind off of work so you can appropriately recharge. The work will still exist in a couple of hours, and 2 hours of a sharpened mind is worth ten hours of a dull one. Whatever makes you feel best, don’t feel guilty about pursuing it!


While there are other considerations that you might have, these tools will hopefully offer you the start that you need. Likewise note that while the above services discussed are recommended, they might not be right for the scale of your operation. Use what works best for you and exactly what you want to buy.

Do you have any software that you choose to utilise whenever you’re marketing on the move? Do you have any other ideas about top tools every remote worker needs? Please leave your remarks below!

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